Hall Of Fame

"Mr. Anand Dhotre - One of the best Flute makers. Anand goes into finer details of Tuning Bansuri and loves to make the instrument as perfect as possible." - Pt. Ronu Majumdar

"The flutes made by Shri. Anand Dhotre are appreciated, recognized and played by many noted flutists in India and abroad." - Pt. Keshav Ginde.

Flute making business initiated by late Shri. Ramachandra Dhotre is continued by his son Shri. Anand Dhotre. He has been goaded by Pt. Ronu Majumdar to take up flute-making as a full-time profession.

In the initial days Ronuda visited his home, sat under a tree and instructed him on the techniques of getting the perfect instrument till he was able to get the right touch.

Now his efforts are rewarded by so many talented flutists. Mr. Anand has stood firmly as one of the finest flute maker.